Saturday, May 1, 2010

NYX in Kuwait - YaaaaaaaaaaaaY

Guess what .... NYX in opening next week in Al Bairaq Mall in Kuwait YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

it's going to open in Center Point so girls fasten your seat belts next week we are in for a ride =) oh & there will be a sale also ( I didn't say that earlier I was worried you'll all faint of excitement) LOL


  1. do u know the lunch date?

    thxxx for the lovely news:)

  2. aaaw you blog is sooo sweet good posts for a start how did you get your blog to be wide like that I hate how mine is so narrow xxxxx

  3. No sorry but I'll tell you as soon as I can =)

  4. oh sorry about that Houda but I can't help you cause I just write a post & it shows like this =) did you try to change the font??